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MessageGate v4.3





MessageGate v4.3


£5,060 with £0.51 per month subscription, per seat prices start at £6

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Strengths: Highly customisable, easy-to-use policy engine

Weaknesses: Weak support options and difficult to install

Verdict: This is a feature-rich offering, but it needs administrators who know their way around complicated email systems

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MessageGate focuses on three areas. The first is employee usage and policy compliance; the second is managing archives and the ability to retrieve data easily; and the final part is managing inbound threats such as viruses, spam and phishing.

This product has an expansive filtering engine comprising more than 200 separate rules that can be customised to fit the needs of the organisation.

Installation is no trivial matter. MessageGate requires the setup and configuration of databases and preparation of the environment.

That said, once the product is installed management is done through a well-designed interface. This web-based GUI uses Java and can be accessed from any web browser on the network for easy administration. The tab-top navigation is intuitive and easy to follow as well.

Policies are configured using the built-in PolicyBuilder. This tool helps create specific policies quickly and easily with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. We found creating policy to be quite intuitive, no matter how broad or specific the policy needs to be.

The documentation is made up of several PDF manuals. The getting-started guide gives specific step-by-step install and configuration information, including preconfiguration of the environment and databases. The administrator's manual dives deep into the management console and using the features of the MessageGate. There is also a guide for PolicyBuilder, giving very specific steps to get the most out of policy.

MessageGate offers phone and email support at an extra cost based on a percentage of the purchase price. There is no other support offered, and the website does not feature a knowledge base or FAQ section.

We find this product to be average value for the money. While it does offer some high-performance features, it does not bring much more to the table. Installation is quite a procedure, and there is no self-support option. However, MessageGate does provide a vast and comprehensive way to manage email content and compliance.