WatchGuard has added new technology to its family of messaging and content security appliances.

It said that the WatchGuard XCS 770R, which includes hardware RAID (redundant array of independent disks) to deliver fully redundant inbound and outbound messaging security, plus web content control for unified network, application and data protection.

Designed and optimised for networks with 1,000 to 5,000 plus users, WatchGuard said that the XCS 770R appliances offer an advanced anti-spam engine that examines sender information and content, including images, attachments and embedded URLs.

Users can manage their quarantined messages, safe lists and block lists from a web-based interface, while the appliances also provide zero-hour threat outbreak response and scan inbound as well as outbound emails for malicious content.

Eric Aarrestad, vice president of marketing at WatchGuard, said: “As messaging environments are no longer a matter of convenience but rather a necessity of business, ensuring that highly secure email systems avoid downtime and messages are not lost has never been more important.

“With WatchGuard XCS 770R, enterprises gain a fail-safe, defence-in-depth solution that provides always-on unified and holistic messaging and content security that protects against next-generation threats, as well as provides an easy to use yet extremely powerful foundation for bi-directional message and web content management and control.”

Like all other WatchGuard XCS appliances, the XCS 770R can also take advantage of WatchGuard's innovative in-the-cloud security technology, Reputation Enabled Defence.