The ongoing battle about use of Internet Explorer 6 has led Microsoft to create a novel advertising concept in Australia.

The page - - asks the question: ‘You wouldn't drink nine-year-old milk, so why use a nine-year-old browser?' with promotion for the download and use of Internet Explorer 8, released fully in March 2009.

The ongoing battle over Internet Explorer has been a marked trend throughout the first half of 2010, beginning with the Google attacks in January that led to international condemnation of Internet Explorer that it blamed for vulnerabilities that allowed the attacks to occur.

In response, Microsoft acknowledged that there was a vulnerability in version six, seven and eight of Internet Explorer, but the exploit code was only applicable to IE6, so they advised upgrading to IE8 so that users will be removed from the exploits.

In fact, at every point when I talked to Microsoft during that time the plain message was ‘upgrade to IE8'. Not that I suspect that would have saved many users, but the company certainly dictated that as a best move.

As for this fresh marketing campaign, I feel it is very effective providing it can be delivered to the right people. While it may not stop users being skimmed or pasteurised, it could lead to protection until the cows come home. Fancy a pint anyone?