The software giant has addressed six vulnerabilities in its monthly security update, including those affecting Word, Publisher, Jet Database Engine and Malware Protection Engine

Microsoft has addressed six vulnerabilities in four bulletins reported as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday. To go to microsoft click here

Three of the bulletins released yesterday cover critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Jet Database Engine. There is evidence of hackers already exploiting the latter vulnerability.

The fourth bulletin covers a moderate vulnerability in the software giant's Malware Protection Engine, which powers a range of Microsoft security software: Live OneCare, Antigen, Windows Defender and Forefront Security.

All the vulnerabilities are client-side and require a victim to open a malicious file to trigger an attack. If exploited, hackers could execute code remotely or release a denial of service attack.

"This is a relatively light month," said Symantec's Robert Keith, in a company blog. "As always, customers are advised to follow security best practices, specifically refusing to accept or open files from unknown sources."