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New hacker groups emerging in Asia and in the Middle East, finds Kaspersky

Security researchers observed a noticeable spurt in the activities of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups based in certain parts of Asia and in the Middle East during the first three months of the year.

Operation Parliament malware targets Middle East region

Cyber-espionage campaign targets government agencies, legislative bodies, and large corporates

MuddyWater APT campaign flowing again, targets US, Near East

The MuddyWater campaign appears to be rising to the surface again with researchers finding similarities between this older cyber-espionage attack and a new one targeting Turkey, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

APT hackers hid Slingshot malware in routers for six years

Slingshot malware targeted almost 100 victims in the Middle East and Africa since at least 2012

WannaCry spotted for just £40 on underground Arabic forum

WannaCry ransomware was seen in an advertisement on the Middle Eastern and North African Arabic-speaking underground forums for £40 just two days after the malware's outbreak caused nearly £3 billion in damage.

Arab corporate users being targeted with "fake extortion" attack

Over the weekend of 25-26th August, users across the GCC were targets of an attempted 'Fake Extortion' email campaign that passed through security filters and reached its intended victims' corporate inboxes.

Research links Shamoon 2 to Magic Hound in Middle East systems attack

Researchers at Palo Alto speculate an APT launched a two-stage process which led to the infection of the network at a single organisation in Saudi Arabia with the Disttrack malware.

Shadow IT and the Middle East - innovation versus risk

The onus on forward-thinking businesses shouldn't be on stamping out shadow IT, says Ed Macnair, but rather encouraging employees to adopt and get the most out of their tools of choice in a secure and productive fashion.