Mideast hackers target 'US petrol station' honeypots

News by Danielle Correa

According to a new report, hackers from Syria and Iran are attempting to hold a city's petrol supply up for ransom, or cause it to spill and explode. Washington DC is high on the target list.

Several groups, including the Syrian Electronic Army, are looking for targets that they can easily take control of via the web to cause mayhem. Retail petrol stations offer these chances, since recent targets show in the US capital.

Trend Micro collected data on its attempts to attract potential hackers out in the open with digital honeypots, or GasPots in this case to see how bad actors direct damage over the internet. The GasPots attracted the largest number of attempted hacks in the US.

Trend Micro also found that the Iranian Dark Coders Team hacked into a GasPot in Jordan. More serious attacks were carried out against US GasPots. Allegedly the Syrian Electronic Army used such a spot in a more serious DDoS attack. 

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