Despite 95 per cent of organisations moving data at least once per year, two-thirds have admitted that they were not confident sensitive data was protected during a migration.

The survey by Varonis of 200 IT professionals found that while migrations and consolidations affect virtually everyone, 96 per cent of respondents reported concerns when performing data migrations, with many leaving their data overexposed and vulnerable. Also, 65 per cent were not confident that sensitive data was protected and was only accessible to the right people during a migration.

When asked which features they would like in a technology to help automate migration activities, most respondents said they wanted a solution that could provide easy selection criteria for choosing what data to be moved, automate incremental copies (allowing users to use source data during the migration) and automate permissions optimisation.

David Gibson, VP of strategy at Varonis, said: “The survey underscores that maintaining who has access to what is an on-going problem for organisations. The scale of the problem that organisations face when moving terabytes of data may be surprising, as a typical terabyte contains about 50,000 folders and of those folders, about five per cent, or 2,500 folders, have unique permissions.”