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Millennial habits may bring an end to the password era

Millennials use passwords less than others and as they come to dominate the workforce, their online authentication habits impact the way employers and technology companies provide access to devices and applications.

Baby boomers more cyber-security savvy than Gen-Z, study

Generation Z are the least ransomware savvy generation while baby boomers were more likely to accurately define ransomware and were the savviest when it comes to not forwarding emails from unknown senders.

Millennials changing the face of cyber-security

It's official — there are now more millennials than baby boomers and their influence on information security is starting to have its impact, according to a recent report from LaunchTech that was commissioned by Forcepoint.

37% of Brits share personal login details with friends or partners

Over 10 percent of the UK population has pretended to be someone else online by snooping or sending messages through someone else's social media or email accounts without their permission.