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The Royal Albert Hall has announced that it has selected Mimecast to improve its email security and archiving.

The Royal Albert Hall has announced that it has selected Mimecast to improve its email security and archiving.

An establishment that receives almost 4,000 emails every day from promoters, customers and volunteers, it found that its existing anti-spam and anti-virus protection was proving difficult to use as it lacked the level of control required.

Also the IT team were wasting valuable time setting security policies, reviewing quarantined emails and restoring wrongly deleted emails.

Crispin Gray, head of information systems at The Royal Albert Hall, said: “With Mimecast's data leak prevention techniques, we now know that staff cannot inadvertently send credit card details or other confidential information out of the business. Moreover, with Mimecast's email security, we have been able to prevent 53,000 spam emails from reaching our exchange server every day.”

Since implementation, Mimecast has provided the Royal Albert Hall with a complete search and retrieval functionality and so staff can now look through its entire email archive of up to ten years in seconds. Furthermore, it can now retrieve deleted emails in less than a minute whereas it used to take up to several hours with its previous technology.

Peter Bauer, CEO of Mimecast, said: “The Royal Albert Hall entertains over a million people each year so must be in total control of its emails. By selecting a cloud system, we are able to provide their organisation with 24/7 email support and unrivalled computing power.

“We look forward to working closely with The Royal Albert Hall over the coming years, helping them continue to deliver the kind of customer service expected from such a world famous institution.”


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