Mimecast has announced that its Services for Exchange v1.0 is the first cloud service to receive the VerAfied security mark from Veracode.

The certification is a quality indicator for the security level of applications and software components, and allows businesses to have the opportunity to manage risk by determining whether or not the software meets their evolving requirements.

By issuing the mark, Veracode has verified that Mimecast has taken due care in developing a secure software platform and evaluates vulnerabilities against industry standards such as the OWASP Top 10 and SANS-CWE Top 25.

Matt Moynahan, CEO of Veracode, said: “Modern cloud-based platforms provide tight integration with traditional on-premise software to provide seamless access to advanced services. Customers are looking for independent proof that cloud-based vendors such as Mimecast rigorously test software that is deployed against industry-standard benchmarks.

“Mimecast is the first hybrid cloud service to be awarded the VerAfied rating and this provides a differentiator for Mimecast and echoes their commitment to an important customer concern - the security and integrity of email and data.”

Tim Pickard, chief marketing officer at Mimecast, said: “As trusted custodians of confidential email and data of businesses, it's fundamental we review every element of our physical and software security practices.

“The VerAfied security mark is a quality indicator for the security level of applications and software components. Mimecast Services for Exchange is the key framework which provides seamless integration between Microsoft Exchange and Mimecast; therefore ensuring it is tested and evaluated for vulnerabilities by Veracode is an integral part of our overall security practices.”