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From £16,134 for 500 users

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Strengths: Easy to plug into the environment and start filtering right away

Weaknesses: High cost of ownership

Verdict: An easy-to-use product that is priced a bit on the high side

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Clearswift's MIMEsweeper Email Appliance has several nice features, including a solid content filter and protection from spam, malware and undesirable content. We found this to be a pumped-up email data leakage prevention device with solid email protection. The content filter can pick out email that contains profanity and inappropriate content, sensitive and confidential data, as well as malware such as viruses, worms and Trojans.

We found MIMEsweeper quite simple to deploy and manage. The installation took just a few minutes and was guided by an intuitive setup wizard. Once this was complete we just pointed the mail server to send mail to the appliance and we were up and running. The web-based GUI is simple to navigate and we found several predefined policies left little need for extra configuration.

This product performed quite well during our tests and plugged into the environment without trouble. The predefined policies were comprehensive and contained a good set of rules to jumpstart the initial filtering. The addition of data leakage prevention policy in the way of expressions such as credit card numbers, as well as customisable expressions, makes this a well-rounded appliance that can keep sensitive information from leaving the enterprise.

Documentation included a getting-started guide and an evaluation manual. The former guide is really more of a poster; however, it does illustrate the initial setup and configuration process quite well. The evaluation guide details a few tests that show how to configure and use many of the appliance features. Both include diagrams and screenshots.

Customers can purchase a support contract for unrestricted telephone and email support, software updates, anti-virus updates and real-time spam update and reputation services. There is also a support section on the website with a knowledge base, technical documentation and threat information.

At just over £16,000 for 500 users, this appliance may seem quite pricey. But as it combines virus, spyware and spam protection with a comprehensive and granular set of compliance policies, we find this product to be good value for money.

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