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Three plead guilty to creating Mirai IoT botnet malware

Three men have pleaded guilty in US federal court to charges related to the creation of the Mirai Internet of Things botnet malware, variants of which have been used in a series of DDoS attacks since 2016.

BrickerBot creators announce retirement from active operations

The individual, or people, behind the BrickerBot malware attacks have decided to hang up their mouse and keyboard after claiming to have locked more than 10 million supposedly unsecure Internet of Things devices.

Satori Botnet able to launch crippling attacks at any time

A massive new IoT botnet dubbed Satori has emerged, which security researchers fear, can launch crippling attacks at any time. According to the IBT the botnet has already infected more than 280,000 IP addresses in just 12 hours.

New Mirai variant back on radar after new exploit code published

A new strain of the Mirai IoT malware has been discovered following the publication of exploit code targeting networking equipment.

DDoS attacks have doubled in six months, up 91% on first quarter

IoT devices in the dock as DDoS stages a resurgence, but stealth and sophistication also on the rise.

Vendors must step up to IoT security challenges - which are mostly basic

Only by understanding the true nature of threats and the vulnerabilities they exploit can we hope to prevent them says Susan Bowen, adding, the reason why Mirai IOT attacks were so effective is the lack any form of embedded security.

ICYMI: Skills gap? Mirai; GDPR; £14.5m centre; ApplePay vulnerable

In Case You Missed It: Skills gap real? Mirai hits DT; GDPR ignored; £14.5m cyber-centre; ApplePay vulnerable to two threats

Report: Mirai 'is just the tip of the iceberg'

A new report from the Institute of Critical Infrastructure Technology has placed Mirai as one of the most insidiously profound threats of recent memory, offering a "quantum leap" to even unsophisticated attackers

Flashpoint: "Mirai variant attacked Deutsche Telekom"

Researchers have confirmed that it was a variant form of Mirai that was used to try and turn nearly a million Deutsche Telekom customers routers into a botnet over the weekend.

Analysts mixed on reason for Liberia Mirai attack

A Mirai botnet-fueled distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack reportedly incapacitated internet operations across the West African coastal nation of Liberia earlier this week.

Liberia attacked by Mirai botnet

The country of Liberia has been attacked by the Mirai botnet, with security experts predicting that it is being used for experimenting with different attack methods.