The National Health Service (NHS) is to employ Mirapoint appliances to safeguard the confidential content travelling via its email, calendar, and directory system, NHSmail.

Currently used by over 200,000 NHS staff members, Mirapoint plans to extend its service protection to cover more than one million users, making this project the largest enterprise deployment of its kind in the world.

NHSmail is part of the NHS Connecting for Health IT programme, which was developed to provide the company's employees with any information needed to improve the service on offer to patients.

"For the NHSmail project, we needed a robust solution that would offer NHS staff an extremely easy to use and manage messaging service whilst addressing their security concerns," explains Danny Reeves, head of delivery at Cable & Wireless UK, the prime contractor for the Connecting for Health system. "Mirapoint's approach allowed us to tailor the messaging system to fit the NHS IT infrastructure exactly."

Barry Ariko, CEO of Mirapoint, commented: "The NHS IT programme is a huge undertaking, which will help improve the safety and efficiency of patient care in England. We are confident that this new service will continue to provide NHS staff with the messaging environment needed to help them carry out their duties."