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Guccifer 2.0 identified as Russian GRU operative via Moscow IP

Guccifer 2.0 apparently forgot to activate a virtual private network during communications, allowing US investigators to identify the hacker as an intelligence agent at Russia's GRU.

Survey: Most security pros aim to patch vulnerabilities within 30 days

High-profile cyber-security incidents continue to appear due to the mistake of companies not applying patches to known vulnerabilities according to Tripwire research.

Self-inflicted ransomware: Is your data hostage to uncontrolled encryption?

Employees have to choose between leaving data unprotected, disrupting their work to use the company encryption tool, or protecting data on their own; once an employee encrypts a file on their own, the company has no control.

Revealing the man who shut down Donald Trump's Twitter, a Social Media Hero?

Bahtiyar Duysak, a German citizen who attended Birmingham University suspended Donald Trump's Twitter account for 11 minutes on his final day working at the social network on 2 November, sparking joy among his detractors.

UK public won't trust a breached company yet fail to protect their own data

70 percent of people say that they would stop doing business with companies following a data breach, but they are about to be engulfed in data breach reality with GDPR breach reporting as under-reporting of breaches is huge.

Misconfigured Amazon S3 server leaks Australian Broadcasting Corporation

As misconfigured Amazon servers continue to leak sensitive data Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the latest culprit of administrators not properly securing their cloud servers.

Ethereum - lost cryptocurrency - bug was known about since August

"Post-mortem" revealed Parity Tech was warned over Ethereum bug that froze £212 million of cryptocurrency

Amazon takes steps to reduce S3 misconfiguration leaks

Amazon is taking action to combat the recent wave of its Amazon S3 server being left misconfigured subsequently exposing potentially sensitive data.

£214 million in Ethereum crypto-currency virtually gone after code deletion

Around one million Ethereum digital coins (approximately £214 million) have become inaccessible to users following the accidental deletion of code.

How to avoid opening the door to hackers with misconfiguration errors

Setting standard configurations based on industry best practices, and continuously monitoring for changes from that baseline enable quick identification of a misconfiguration that could be exploited and address it, before the breach.

Another misconfigured Amazon S3 server leaks data of 50,000 Australians

Another misconfigured Amazon server has resulted in the exposure of personal data - this time on 50,000 Australian employees that were left unsecure by a third-party contractor.

JD Wetherspoon breach: three data management mistakes that could have been avoided

Following the JD Wetherspoon data breach, there are many questions about the cause and the mistakes that led to it. But the company's mistakes offer valuable lessons for other businesses as Pat Clawson explains.