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Why mobile security apps alone won't turn the tide on cyber-threats

Uptake of mobile security apps is low; with mobile operators reporting typical penetration rates are around three to five percent whereas when connectivity providers offer security-as-a-service, uptake rates are up to 40 to 60 percent.

New adware found in fake Flashlight apps with dark intentions

A newly discovered mobile adware program called LightsOut was recently observed in 22 fake Android flashlight and utility applications, reportedly prompting their removal from the Google Play Store.

Android flaw used by 74% of ransomware to be fixed in August

A flaw in Android reportedly used by most mobile ransomware is due to be fixed this summer when the new operating system, Android 0, is released

UK consumers concerned about security of personal info on retail apps

When it comes to deciding whether to download a retail app, security breaches have been revealed as the biggest fear among consumers.

Consumer cyber-security concerns cost UK economy billions, study

New study found UK consumers use fewer mobile apps out of cyber-security concerns.

Poking around with Pokémon: why app developers need to address permission abuse

Ken Munro discusses why Pokémon Go is symptomatic of a wider problem - permissions abuse by mobile apps - and the implications of this for the user and app developer

98% of mobile apps lack binary protection

A majority (90 percent) of mobile finance and health apps contain two crucial security risks, however 84 percent of IT executives and consumers feel their apps are secure.