SonicWALL has launched a mobile connect application for Apple iOS products for connection to network resources.

Offering a single unified SSL VPN client and encrypted traffic whenever users attempt to access protected internal resources, Mobile Connect runs on iOS 4.2 and higher and is available for free from the Apple App Store.

Further capabilities are added when Mobile Connect users communicate through a SonicWALL firewall, as administrators can enable a VPN to allow users to have the same level of protection as if they were on the internal network.

Additionally, network administrators can utilise SonicWALL application intelligence and control functionality to identify which iOS apps should receive critical bandwidth.

Patrick Sweeney, vice-president of product management and corporate marketing at SonicWALL, said: “Apple iPads and iPhones have become the overwhelming choice for employees who demand anytime anywhere productivity.

“Our Mobile Connect App allows companies to extend their security policy to meet the stringent needs of enterprise, government and education institutions, while employees travel outside of the protected perimeter.”