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Mobile fraud: a reality check

Everyone is talking about mobile fraud but the threat is not as widespread as it is made out to be, says Helen Holmes.

Fingerprint technology far from foolproof for banking apps

A new approach to mobile user protection should focus on self-defending apps that provide an integrated, dedicated and secure solution to cyber-crime threats suggests Tom Lysemose Hansen

Security issues considered on Apple's new phones, watch and payment system

In the wake of the iCloud breach, security issues were a key considerration at yesterdays Apple launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, announcement of the highly-anticipated smartwatch, dubbed the Apple Watch, and its Apple Pay system.

Sorting out the identity crisis

Identity, payment and security need to become seamless and inherently more secure in themselves than anything we currently use for mobile identity, says Nick Barth.

New Android RAT threatens mobile banking users

What is claimed to be the first mobile malware to combine the unholy trinity of private data theft, banking credential theft/spoofing and remote access, has been discovered by researchers at FireEye.

iBanking Android malware grows in power

Underlining the growing threat of mobile malware, security researchers revealed this week that powerful Russian cybercrime gangs are using the iBanking Android Trojan which is described as commercial quality and "one of the most expensive pieces of malware seen on the underground market".

Researchers demo iOS banking app hack

Mobile banking transactions may be on the rise, but banks may face an uphill struggle to keep them secure from cyber-criminals.

Hackers focus on stealing money, especially via mobiles

Cyber criminals are "obsessed" with stealing money from banking apps and organisations "don't have a clue" where the next advanced attack is coming from, according to authoritative reports released this week.

Why mobile malware attacks vary by region

Researchers at Lookout Security have found that mobile malware is becoming a big business, with cyber-criminals tweaking the method of their attack for different regions to avoid detection and improve profits.

Waking Shark in second attack on UK banks

The ability of Britain's major banks to withstand a crippling cyber attack will be tested next month in a 'war game' exercise called Operation Waking Shark 2.