SafeNet has announced the launch of a mobile device solution that aims to enable the secure use of consumer mobile devices on corporate networks.

As part of SafeNet's Fully Trusted Authentication Environment, it said that the SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) allows organisations to implement a authentication strategy for multiple types of endpoint devices, including personal mobile devices.

According to the company, by integrating mobile device credential management into a unified authentication scheme, organisations can ensure that only authorised personal mobile devices have access to corporate networks and resources.

By implementing unified authentication schemes, security policies and credentials for employee-owned endpoint devices, it said that SAM helps organisations to enable their workforce to access the corporate network, while reducing IT management and administration resource burden. It also said that with SAM, organisations can centrally and consistently manage all authentication requirements for local networks, VPNs, SaaS applications and virtualised environments.

Andrew Young, vice president of authentication at SafeNet, said: “The security perimeter and devices that access it have changed dramatically, forcing organisations to re-think access to networks, especially with regard to mobile devices. SAM enables our customers to evolve into the future, extending their security infrastructure to keep pace with the emergence of new endpoint devices, ensuring that data remains protected.”