Mobile Device Management News, Articles and Updates

GartnerSEC: people-centric IT practices encouraged

Gartner is now encouraging people-centric IT practices so IT is no longer seen as a hindrance and rather an enabler.

SideStepper vulnerability in iOS 9 endangers companies that use MDM to distribute apps

Researchers are warning companies that the use of MDM technology opens up a loophole in protections added to Apple's iOS 9 to help prevent employees from downloading malicious software posing as legit enterprise apps.

Is it time to stop duelling with employees and their devices?

Having to carry around two mobile devices - one for personal use and the other for corporate business - is an anachronism, says Sebastian Goodwin.

Ensuring mobile data remains secure

Containerisation - separating business and personal data and apps - is an effective way to ensure BYOD doesn't compromise corporate data security says David Brady.

Is BYOD a four-letter word in your organisation?

Decide on your mobiles policy, then choose the technology that allows that policy to be delivered says Sergio Galindo.

Trust, company culture and BYOD security

Mobile Application Management, with secure access and separation of work and personal use can establish employee trust in a company's BYOD policy says Alan Hartwell.

The reality of data loss - and how to mitigate it

Vast volumes of data are travelling to work and back each day stored on employee devices, but in many cases even the most basic protection policies are not in place explains Kelly Brown.

Why security was the deciding factor in choosing COPE over BYOD

David Reed explains the 'corporate owned, personally enabled' approach taken by PA to manage the mobile devices used by its employees.

Bring Your Own Disaster as UK firms see rising mobile breaches

A study from BT reveals that almost half of UK firms (41 percent) suffered a mobile security breach over the last year, with another fifth reporting as many as four incidents in the same time-frame.

Controlling mobile data loss

Security strategy to prevent mobile data loss involves careful considerations regarding the user, device, and network. Mike Raggo advises implemening a range of controls including use of an enterprise mobility management platform.

Blurring the lines between business and home

What are the risks posed by apps and hardware that cross the business/home divide? Dr Guy Bunker asks what policies and security approaches are required?

Jailbroken devices are a threat to the enterprise

First step, identify jailbroken devices on your network, says Vince Arneja, then alter data processing and execution modes to protect your data.

Mobile guidance on encryption/VPN from CESG

The CESG, the security offshoot of GCHQ, has published in-depth guidance for users of laptop, tablet and smartphone operating systems, offering specifics on how to deploy and use the operating systems on a mobile platform.

If MDM is failing, what's the solution?

Jamie Bodley-Scott asks, how can organisations protect data on mobile devices if the MDM market were to die - as some suggest it might?

Islands of identity hard to track

New poll shows 94 percent of IT security professionals use third party apps on their mobile devices making it harder for IT to track and manage.

RSA 2014: 'BYOD is not going away'

Speakers at this week's RSA Conference in San Francisco stressed that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is changing - not ending.

Context is king

Context-aware security can make intelligent decisions while allowing mobile users to get the job done.

BYOD: Facing up to the inevitable

Businesses can accept employee device promiscuity without causing difficulties for IT management, says Centrify's Darren Gross.

UK bets big on enterprise mobility, but security and privacy concerns remain

Enterprise mobility adoption is on the upswing in the UK and Europe, but serious concerns linger on security and privacy.

McAfee EMEA CTO: Protect the data first, then the device

McAfee CTO Raj Samani advises companies to secure the business data before the device being used to access the information.

Mobile device management offered free to SMBs

Mobile device management (MDM) start-up vendor AppTec has announced the launch of its Enterprise Mobile Manager technology with a small business offering of 25 free licences.