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White House bans personal mobile devices belonging to staff, guests

After excerpts from a new book on the Trump administration were published and reports noted that author Michael Wolff taped interviews, the White House has finally banned staffers from using personal phones as it said it would.

Russians hacked smartphones of 4,000 NATO troops

NATO troops' smartphones are under attack by Russian hackers bent on obtaining information on and exploiting soldiers as well as getting a handle on NATO military capabilities.

Apple iOS 11 makes it harder for law enforcement to access data

Apple is doubling down on its privacy beliefs with the latest iOS 11 which will reportedly add at least two new features designed to safeguard its owners' privacy.

89% of mobile users wouldn't know if their device was cyber-attacked

A majority of mobile users (89 percent) wouldn't know if their device has been infected through a cyber-attack, revealing a massive lack of awareness of cyber-threats.

Lost devices leading cause of data breaches, report

Phishing scams and ransomware attacks may be grabbing the headlines, but for the financial sector lost or stolen mobile devices were the leading cause of data breaches over the last decade.

Euro 2016 causes spike in cyber-crime on mobile devices

Fans are risking the cyber-security of themselves and their employers because of their eagerness to access UEFA football information while they are abroad.

Encryption flaws engulf 80% of mobile devices

Encryption flaws can be found in over 80 percent of mobile devices and an application written in the scripting languages PHP, ColdFusion and Classic ASP are more prone to having serious flaws.

Thousands of devices left in UK bars each year

Each year in the UK, over 100,000 mobile devices and laptops are left in bars with almost two-thirds having no security installed.

2% of mobiles infected with malware, says report

Skycure has announced results of its first Mobile Threat Intelligence Report which found a growth in threats to enterprise and personal mobile devices.

How do we tackle SMS spear phishing?

It didn't take much time following internet connections on mobile phones to become commonplace for scammers to realise they had another avenue for phishing attacks, says Claire Cassar.

Cloud security for the 'everywhere enterprise'

As mobility introduces changes in workplace dynamics, Charles Milton looks at how to shift power in favour of the CISO while securing the borderless enterprise.

Updated: Millions of mobile app users threatened by lax security coding flaw

A team of German researchers claims to have uncovered poor programming practice that is exposing thousands of mobile apps to data breaches.

The reality of data loss - and how to mitigate it

Vast volumes of data are travelling to work and back each day stored on employee devices, but in many cases even the most basic protection policies are not in place explains Kelly Brown.

Hidden backdoor in up to 10m Android phones

Chinese manufacturer Coolpad installs hidden backdoor in Android phones allowing permanent control of the device.

Industry divided as Met Police recommends smartphone PINs

After two years of quietly lobbying mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, the Metropolitan Police have gone public with its request for all mobile phone vendors to implement PIN protection as a default setting on a handset.

Mobiles hijacked without user knowledge

Android is extremely susceptible to malware within its advertisement libraries says FireEye.

New surveillance law proposed to track mobiles

The three main political parties in the UK are in talks about introducing a new emergency law that would require phone companies to log records of phone calls, texts and internet usage.

iPhone, Android open to remote control malware

Italian hacking team seem to have forgotten about a Blackberry version of the spyware.

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner 'easily hacked'

Single step authentication on Galaxy leaves PayPal accounts open to abuse say German researchers.

Flying drone steals smartphone contents

British researchers have tested their invention, the Snoopy drone, over the skies of London.

Context is king

Context-aware security can make intelligent decisions while allowing mobile users to get the job done.

BYOD: Facing up to the inevitable

Businesses can accept employee device promiscuity without causing difficulties for IT management, says Centrify's Darren Gross.

Scareware tricks Android users into downloading fake anti-virus app

Android owners are being persuaded to download fake anti-virus software.

ICO warns software developers on data privacy

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has warned developers that protecting app data is of paramount importance.

Get your BYOD policies wrapped up by Christmas

Many more personal mobile devices will arrive in the office after Chrismas, so sort out your security policies now advises Leon Ward.

UK bets big on enterprise mobility, but security and privacy concerns remain

Enterprise mobility adoption is on the upswing in the UK and Europe, but serious concerns linger on security and privacy.

Cyber criminals cracking more paid-for and Apple apps than ever before

Hackers are increasingly targeting paid-for and iOS apps, according to a new study.

McAfee EMEA CTO: Protect the data first, then the device

McAfee CTO Raj Samani advises companies to secure the business data before the device being used to access the information.

UK cyber crime losses halved

According to the latest figures in the Norton Report 2013 from Symantec, cybercrime losses in the UK have fallen by 54 per cent between 2012 and 2013, from £1.8 billion to £826 million per year, and the average loss per victim is down 30 per cent from £144 in 2012 to £101 in 2013 - with no clear-cut explanation for the colossal scale of this fall, given that the international trend for cybercrime continues to be upward.