Mobile Endpoint Security News, Articles and Updates

Mobile Security - the device isn't the problem

Securing the device is only the first step in reducing the risk of mobile employees says Eldar Tuvey, noting we need to secure and monitor both the hardware and the endpoint activity and implement a multi-level approach.

Sorting out the identity crisis

Identity, payment and security need to become seamless and inherently more secure in themselves than anything we currently use for mobile identity, says Nick Barth.

Telefonica intros initial mobile security offerings

Spanish giant enters the crowded mobile digital security space with range of products and services.

Encryption protecting most mobile phones cracked

Computer security researchers say they have cracked the encryption algorithm used to protect most cell phone communications, potentially allowing attackers to listen in on the calls of billions of individuals.

Mac Trojan targets game sites to infect users

Virus researchers have spotted a new variant of a Mac trojan that attempts to change a victim computer's DNS settings.

URL shortening site hacked to redirect millions of links

The Cligs URL shortening site was hacked during the weekend to cause 2.2 million links to redirect to the same site.

New Symbian mobile malware in the wild

A new worm targeting mobile devices running Nokia's Symbian OS is spreading in China in a unique way: through malicious links contained in text messages.

Apple advises Mac users to install anti-virus software

Apple, whose market share is growing among computer users, is now recommending that consumers consider applying anti-virus protection to their machines.

As businesses weigh adoption, new iPhone plugs 13 flaws

The second version of the iPhone, released Friday, includes faster internet, GPS functionality and an application store — as well as 13 security fixes.

Sun and Apple offer security updates

Sun Microsystems has issued fixes for a number of vulnerabilities in its Java offerings, while six flaws in Apple TV were patched.

Steganography developers turn their attention to hiding information in VoIP

The abundance of voice over IP equipment has led researchers to develop a range of techniques which, instead of hiding information in standard data traffic, will allow individuals to instead hide information in VoIP streams

Indian Government withdraws threat over BlackBerry services

The threat which could have led to the country's BlackBerry services being suspended appears to have lifted after the Government backed down on its own demands for access to users' data

PCI standard widened to include unattended point-of-sale terminals

Terminals such as those found in vending machines and on fuel pumps are to be included in additional guidelines to be written by the PCI Security Standards Council, producing extra demands on retailers

Google scores key win with security and applications deal

Taylor Woodrow, one of the UK's largest construction companies, is to give all its staff access to Google Apps, backed by the internet giant's security products

Poynter review: HMRC has radically reduced security risks

PwC chairman Kieran Poynter, the man tasked to investigate what happened in the catastrophic HMRC data breach, has revealed that significant progress has been made since the disastrous information leakage last October

Case study: Deep inside the Serious Fraud Office's digital forensics unit

The SFO invited SC Magazine for a sneak preview of its recently revamped digital forensics unit, where scientists were hard at work dissecting and interrogating the latest mobile devices

Geordies unify physical and IT security

Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is tieing together its building and computing access systems to vastly simplify its operations

Dutch academics hack Oyster card

Security lecturers from a leading Netherlands university travelled to London last week to crack the Oyster smart card, clone it and get a free day's travel, while they pursue an open source alternative

ESET launches anti-malware for Windows Mobile

The security company has released a free beta version of a software product which aims to prevent malware from infecting Windows Mobile devices

Trend Micro takes security into the cloud

The software vendor has unveiled its new approach to internet security, which means transferring the workload off individual PCs and into the internet

RIM: BlackBerry service won't be shut down despite ultimatum

The manufacturer of the BlackBerry devices is standing firm against Indian Government demands for access to users' data and it is convinced threats to shut down the service in the country won't come to fruition

Securing businesses is "extremely challenging", claim UK bosses

British businesses are finding that protecting their organisations from hackers, social networking threats and browser vulnerabilities is an increasing struggle, according to research

Second tier vendors to challenge McAfee, Symantec on endpoint security

AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky and Sophos are making inroads into the market share of the endpoint industry leaders, largely on the grounds of using less processing power, a leading analyst argued today

Trend Micro releases major upgrade to SME software

The security vendor has released version 5.0 of its WorryFree range, while adding a new product to try to secure online retailers in the fight against credit card thieves

Indian Government issues ultimatum to RIM over BlackBerry monitoring

India's Department of Telecom has threatened a total shutdown of the country's BlackBerry services if the device's manufacturer RIM does not give it access to users' emails, according to local reports

Motorola RAZR found vulnerable to JPEG attack

Hackers could run malicious code on the RAZR device by sending a corrupt image by MMS, according to an advisory from TippingPoint

Alcatel-Lucent to secure mobile workers with always-on datacard

The company is to bring to market next month a GPS and 3G enabled datacard which should give IT administrators 24/7 visibility of users' mobile devices

Symantec acquires Altiris

Symantec will acquire enterprise management software provider Altiris, the two companies announced today.

Apple fixes AirPort flaw

Apple has patched a flaw in AirPort Extreme that was first revealed last November.

Social Security numbers of 1.3 million Chicago voters distributed to candidates

The Social Security numbers (SSNs) of 1.3 million Chicago voters were compromised when they were distributed to city aldermen and ward committeemen this month.