Zenprise has announced the launch of the new version of its secure mobile gateway to introduce white and black lists for applications.

According to the company, with the gateway, IT administrators can provide employees the freedom to download and install applications on personal devices, while ensuring enterprise resources remain protected.

The Zenprise Secure Mobile Gateway provides application whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities for both iOS and Android devices. It said that this functionality ensures that only approved applications are given access to the corporate network, including personal or consumer applications installed on employee-owned devices.

It automatically blocks users from violating a whitelist or blacklist by quarantining their devices from the enterprise network.

Calling it triple layer defence – device, network and enterprise – Ahmed Datoo, vice president of marketing at Zenprise, said that the gateway offers dynamic defence that allows you to look at what is happening and take action.

Datoo said: “Companies are forced to manage devices but when you look at applications do you know what is vulnerable? We are starting to see challenges and there is a problem around discovery and with 300,000 iOS applications, what is productive for work.

“We are arming the enterprise app store with IT favourites to push to the end-user. If the device is owned by the user then blacklisting becomes important as they can use everything apart from banned applications. In the consumerisation model it is about allowing freedom but you have to have ground rules to protect users from malware.”

Also available is the Zenprise MobileManager that automatically detects when a user installs an application outside of the approved list, and prevents blacklisted or jailbroken applications from launching. Also, Zenprise said its ‘App Tunnels' provide flexible application security that allows IT to offer mobile users secure, encrypted access to specific business applications from their device.

“This will offer a dedicated connection for the device, as people want to use SSL and encryption and this can create an encrypted tunnel between the client and enterprise and nothing else has access so malicious applications do not get access,” said Datoo.