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FakeBank malware accesses sensitive SMS banking messages

A newly discovered mobile malware program that primarily targets Russian banking customers can take over victims' SMS capabilities, allowing cyber-criminals to intercept text messages that contain bank security codes.

Researchers believe malicious Android app written in code may be a first

Researchers have discovered a fake utility app called Swift Cleaner that they believe may be the first Android mobile malware developed using the open-source Kotlin programming language.

New mobile banking malware obfuscates its malicious code parts

Banking malware targeting mobile users requires little tech know-how to develop and operate, so it stands as an insistent battle for security professionals.

ICYMI: 2017 predictions; Post-Brexit; Trusting employees; Card Phish scam; WhatsApp delivers malware

In Case You Missed it this week includes: CyberSec 2017 predictions; Brexit data implications; Employees too trusting; Credit card details phished; Mobile malware via WhatsApp

Gooligan ad fraud malware infects 1.3M Android users, installs over 2M unwanted apps

A newly discovered malware program that targets older versions of the Android OS has infected roughly 1.3 million Google accounts, currently breaching devices at a rate of 13,000 victims per day.

Enterprises are facing rising mobile threats

Sean Ginevan outlines how attackers are changing their methods to attack the mobile enterprise, and what can be done to shut down vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky finds significant growth of mobile malware in 2015

The amount of new mobile malware has tripled in 2015 in comparison to 2014.

Mobile Security - the device isn't the problem

Securing the device is only the first step in reducing the risk of mobile employees says Eldar Tuvey, noting we need to secure and monitor both the hardware and the endpoint activity and implement a multi-level approach.