A new solution has been launched by janusNET to help with the management and control of email for connected smartphones.

Offering control to devices including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry operating systems, it said that janusGATE Mobile allows an organisation to securely open up mobile email to all staff on virtually any kind of smartphone.

Greg Colla, managing director at janusNET, explained that no handset modification is needed, no new applications are deployed and there is zero end user training required.

Colla said: “To date, the concept of an employee ‘bring-your-own-phone' solution has been attractive because of its low cost and flexibility, but has not been appropriate for many organisations due to the risk of exposing corporate information, as well as the complexity of supporting different applications on different smartphones.

“Now staff can be allowed to use their own phones to connect to the corporate email server, while the organisation keeps total control over the information that is actually delivered to the device. This provides security controlled mobile email with the added benefits that it is far simpler to deploy and manage and critically it retains all the smartphones email features, which means user acceptance is 100 per cent.”

Mike Bienvenu, technical director at UK distributor Softek, said: “We are extremely excited about the janusGATE mobile solution. For organisations questioning the complexity of mobile email management, janusGATE Mobile alleviates these concerns.

“Without the need for additional applications to be deployed to the phone, and without the need to reconfigure corporate firewalls, janusGATE Mobile is certainly quick and easy to deploy. As an added bonus, end users continue to use the device's native e-mail client, without any of its functionality removed.”