A device that secures mobile phones and portable devices by creating a Bluetooth personal alarm system has been launched by TenBu.

The company claimed that the nio helps prevent the loss and theft of data-rich devices such as BlackBerrys, laptops and memory sticks. It consists of a Bluetooth tag with a software link that downloads directly onto the user's mobile phone, creating a personalised security zone of up to 25 metres.

This security zone protects both the mobile phone and the Bluetooth tag, and if the security zone is breached, both the tagged item and the mobile phone emit an audible alarm. A flashing blue light on the tag is also triggered.

In extremely high-risk environments, users can activate a motion sensor to alert them if anyone moves their tagged item. A “locate” tone helps users find misplaced tagged items, and a calendar feature allows users to preset specific times for the tag to go active.

Ben Hounsell, director of TenBu Technologies, said it was time for organisations to take a more serious stance on securing the confidential data they have contained on employees' portable storage and mobile devices.

“We have a responsibility to be realistic about the risks inherent in transporting data, and to ensure that we take every reasonable precaution to protect ourselves, our customers and our businesses from criminal behaviour. The nio guards against human error and demonstrates to your staff and customers that you take your security policies seriously,” said Hounsell.