The website has been suspended following an avalanche of users visiting the site to remove their details.

A message on the homepage claimed that the service had been ‘suspended whilst we make improvements' and that it was currently unavailable whilst the company undertook major developments to its 'Beta Service'. The service was due to go live today.

The website has been the victim of negative email and social networking campaigns to encourage users to remove their details from the site for fear that mobile numbers would be available to anyone who requested them.

A statement on the site, when it was live, discounted this. It claimed that it was simply an online phonebook and that a user will be able to see the number of someone calling them, and that they had the right to reject the call.

The statement said: “We never give out anyone's mobile number. Not even to their closest friend. If someone wants to get in touch, and we have your number, we contact your mobile and tell you who they are. If you reject the call, they don't get through, and they don't have your number. But if you're happy to talk, they'll get through and you can choose whether or not to share your number.”

The statement on the suspended homepage claimed that ‘all ex-directory requests made by people in our directory to date are being processed' and there is no need to resend the requests.