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White House bans personal mobile devices belonging to staff, guests

After excerpts from a new book on the Trump administration were published and reports noted that author Michael Wolff taped interviews, the White House has finally banned staffers from using personal phones as it said it would.

UK iPhone users hit by large scale smishing campaign

As a new wave of smishing - phishing by text message - hits, security experts are urging mobile phone users to report incidents to their communication service providers.

BlackBerry & Apple rumble: CEO calls helping law enforcement 'civic duty'

Cooperating with law enforcement is "our basic civic responsibility," BlackBerry CEO John Chen told reporters at a media Q&A at the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York.

SS7 vulnerability defeats WhatsApp encryption, researchers claim

Flaw in the international communications standard SS7 could allow hackers to mimic users and intercept messages on mobile networks.