Mobile security concerns on rise

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Increasing levels of mobile spam and fraud hinder mobile retail and banking adoption

More than half of consumers are worried about mobile security, according to a new survey.

A mere 7 per cent of consumers are confident that the information they send via their phone is secure, with a massive 52 per cent thinking that it is insecure.

This may be related to the 65.9 per cent of users that have experienced mobile spam, with a further 29 per cent complaining of phishing, attempted fraud or messages containing inappropriate content.

Furthermore, two thirds (69.3 per cent) of consumers stated that they wouldn't use services such as mobile banking and 37 per cent wouldn't shop online due to mobile security concerns, according to the research commissioned by Cloudmark.

Securing mobile is set to be an increasingly big headache for businesses and operators alike, as new research predicts that mobile ad revenues are set to accelerate over the next five years with annual growth rates reaching 94 per cent, according to Juniper Research analysts.

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