Mobile security suite and threat centre launched by Juniper Networks

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Juniper Networks has announced the launch of a mobile security suite to offer anti-virus, a personal firewall and monitoring and control services.

Juniper Networks has announced the launch of a mobile security suite to offer anti-virus, a personal firewall and monitoring and control services.

Juniper Networks said that the mobile security suite is part of the broader Junos Pulse platform and will provide both security and secure connectivity for virtually all mobile devices. It has also opened a global threat and research centre focused exclusively on secure mobility.

A recent study by the company found that four out of five people cite ‘level of security' as a top or high priority when buying or using smartphones and tablet computers, while more than half are anxious about losing their mobile devices, protecting their identities and protecting their families with parental controls.

Mark Bauhaus, executive vice president and general manager of the service layer technologies business group at Juniper Networks, said: “It's no secret that personal mobile devices are quickly becoming the de facto means for access to corporate networks, making them one of the most valuable, but also most vulnerable portals to sensitive personal and professional information.

“For the first time, using our Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite, consumers and businesses have a way to fully protect and secure their mobile work and lifestyles, opening up new applications and opportunities for the entire mobility market.”

The study also found that nearly 81 per cent of users access their employer's network without their employer's knowledge or permission, with 58 per cent of these doing so every day.

According to Juniper Networks, with the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite, service providers can assure consumers that private data will stay private, while comprehensive protection from viruses, spam and malware, parental controls and the location of lost or stolen devices through the devices' GPS is offered.

The platform also enables providers to offer a cloud-based service to consumers and leverage the same investment to deliver the SSL VPN and mobile security solution to enterprises.

Bauhaus said: “Smartphones and tablets have become the new onramp for information, applications and commerce, yet they are quickly becoming an onramp for security threats as well. Fortunately users are growing very aware of the security, identity and privacy issues involved. Now the industry needs to step up and make security an integrated part of the mobile experience, not an optional afterthought.”

Juniper Networks also opened its global threat centre in Columbus, Ohio to provide continuous, global monitoring of mobile security threats to consumers and enterprises. It said that this is the first and only centre dedicated to tracking, responding and researching threats to mobile devices.

Daniel V. Hoffman, chief mobile security evangelist at Juniper Networks, said: “People are using smartphones to access work files, store personal information, conduct banking and download applications. Yet, while most PCs come with security baked-in, virtually all smartphones remain vulnerable to even basic exploits and attacks. The Juniper global threat centre identifies, monitors and responds to evolving threats to mobile devices, ensuring that Juniper customers have the highest possible level of mobile device protection.”


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