Mobile users warned about leaving devices in taxis as 10,000 mobile phones a month are forgotten

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As December approaches, remote workers have been warned about leaving their devices in taxis.

As December approaches, remote workers have been warned about leaving their devices in taxis.

A report by Credant Technologies found that Londoners leave around 10,000 mobile phones a month in the back of taxis, and more than 1,000 other handheld devices, including iPods, laptops and memory sticks.

Many of these devices now have the capacity to store as much as 4,000 pictures, 20,000 Word documents, 200,000 emails or an amazing 500,000 contact files, making them an obvious target for identity theft criminals and hackers who can – and do - steal this information and then assume the identity of the user both in their personal and business life. 

Sean Glynn, vice president at Credant Technologies, said: “We carry out our taxi survey regularly and it's clear that none of us are infallible, especially at this busy time of year, when it's all too easy to forget things when you're travelling.

“This time of year would appear to be the worst time of year for leaving things in the back of cabs – so our advice is to be more cautious than ever and, as the voice on the train always tells us: check you have all your belongings with you before you leave.”

“And if you don't want to worry about the consequences of losing your mobile – with all those embarrassing text messages and pictures - or laptop with valuable personal and company information – then protect that data using encryption and/or passwords. The technology is available, so why not use it?”

However, if you were to lose your mobile phone or other mobile device then there is no better place than the back of a London taxi to lose it, as 80 per cent of cabbies claimed that their owners were reunited with them once they found the device in the back of the vehicle.


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