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Wireless data tracking case to decide if US citizens have privacy rights

'An individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed' is the premise being taken to the US Supreme Court Wednesday, to clarify if law enforcement must obtain warrants to access wireless data

Mobile malware a universal threat around the globe: Check Point

When it comes to avoiding mobile malware no company anywhere on the planet is immune as research shows most companies experienced at least one mobile attack in the last year.

Eavesdropper flaw leaks millions of private conversations

Developers leave API credentials in applications built on Twilio telephony platform allowing phone call eavesdropping.

FBI hasn't cracked Texas shooter's mobile phone

The FBI hasn't yet broken the phone belonging to a gunman who went on a shooting rampage in a Texas church, killing 26 and wounding 24.

Reap benefits of remote working & avoid risks of personal mobile devices

BYOD: Lee Bryant describes how to reap the benefits of remote working without overlooking the risks of personal mobile devices.

Smartphone QR code scanners pose new cyber-threat

Apple iOS 11, Apple has QR scanning functionality enabled by default which Elad Ben-Meir says can effectively make anyone scanning the QR code matrices with Apple devices vulnerable to unknowingly uploading malicious code.

Update: Possibly everyone in Malaysia had their mobile records stolen

It is possible that everyone in Malaysia may have had their mobile phone records stolen and put up for sale on the Dark Web.

T-Mobile API bug may have leaked customer account data

A bug in T-Mobile's API may have allowed attackers to access customer data that can be used to carry out phishing attacks or worse.

Apple denies claims that it lowered iPhone X face-recognition accuracy

Apple is disputing claims that it ordered manufacturers to lower the accuracy of its face-recognition to make the iPhone X easier to make.

Quarter of financial service employee mobile devices unpatched

A quarter of financial service employee mobile devices have unpatched vulnerabilities, according to a recent Symantec report.

4G vulnerabilities put mobile users and even Smart Cities at risk, study

Despite keeping the world constantly connected, 4G networks are still plagued with weaknesses that leave entire mobile networks and future "Smart Cities" open to fraud and other attacks.

Financial attractiveness of ransomware ensures it remains growing threat

Mobile devices under increasing attack from malware, including ransomware, which has seen a 122 percent increase in variants as it becomes an increasingly attractive option for criminals.

21.1 m hit by ExpensiveWall trojan in Google Play, runs up your bill

A malware's been dubbed ExpensiveWall found its way onto Google Play in what has been claimed to have been the second-biggest outbreak to ever hit Google's platform, helping push it to No 2 spot in sources of blacklisted Apps.

Billions of Bluetooth devices vulnerable to MITM attacks; no user action

Billions of Bluetooth devices, including those running on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows, contain vulnerabilities that can allow malicious actors to remotely execute code, take over devices, and perform (MitM) attacks.

Apple iOS 11 makes it harder for law enforcement to access data

Apple is doubling down on its privacy beliefs with the latest iOS 11 which will reportedly add at least two new features designed to safeguard its owners' privacy.

All pre-8.0 Androids vulnerable to overlay attack; mitigations toasted

A new vulnerability has been discovered affecting older versions of the Google Android Platform.It can be used to easily enable an "overlay attack", tricking the user into unwittingly installing malware onto the device.

Malicious replacement touchscreens could completely compromise phones

Mobile users who substitute their damaged phone touchscreens or other hardware components with third-party replacements could be infecting their phones with malicious components.

SMS touch texting app sends data in cleartext

The popular and inexpensive international texting app SMS touch has been found to send critical data in cleartext making the users susceptible to hackers.

The now generation: planning and securing your endpoints on the move

Mark Hickman, COO at WinMagic, discusses making the importance of delivering an infrastructure that meets the demands of the now generation, whilst protecting data.

Malian entrepreneurs develop public safety solutions in hackathon

The MotoSecure Hackathon Day, organised by Motorola Solutions and Impact Hub Bamako in Mali's capital city has helped develop several innovative civil protection initiatives.

Phishers add dash of punctuation to fool mobile victims with padded URLs

Hyphens galore as cyber-criminals attempt to hide the web addresses of phishing sites on mobile phones with a lot of punctuation.

Android Devices pre-loaded with malware signal fault in supply chain

Check Point has discovered dozens of Android devices that were received with malware preloaded onto them which were possibly infected on their way through the Android supply chain.

Researchers find 132 apps on Play Store infected with iFrame malware

According to the researchers, the apps were infected with "tiny hidden iFrames that link to malicious domains in their local HTML pages".

New bill to allow prisons to deploy IMSI catchers outside of prisons

Use of fake base stations is currently limited to within prison walls, and normally commissioned by the prison governor.

Three data breach leads to two arrests

Mobile operator Three acknowledges that its internal systems were breached through stolen credentials, resulting in the theft of hundreds of high-value mobile phone handsets.

Blackhat EU: Vicious circles of ransomware

Federico Maggi told audience members at Blackhat that ransomware presents a new intervention in cyber-criminality

Is Android security really too difficult for Motorola?

Motorola has, perhaps strangely, concluded that it will not be releasing monthly updates for its new Moto Z smartphone. A strange thing to announce, according to the wider industry

HID Global releases mid-year updates for top security trends in 2016

A mid-year update to HID's top 2016 security trends has been released. During the first six month's of the year, HID stated continued progression in market adoption of mobile solutions and interest in the Internet of Things (IoT).