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MobileEther v2.0


Starts at £5 per device per year as SaaS

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Strengths: Ease of use and very fast reporting

Weaknesses: None.

Verdict: Good product at a good price

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MobileEther by iboss extends device security which marries MDM with web security in one cloud or hybrid-based platform. The advantage that networks gain with this configuration is that the tool removes the need to point the mobile devices to a third-party product for web security if admins want to manage browsing access. Within a few clicks and without leveraging the traditional proxy settings on the device, admins can extend web security, MDM and application control. Typical deployments come in two options: MobileEther offers an appliance deployment or cloud. Most deployments are all cloud with a minority integrating in a hybrid/cloud environment where networks prefer data staying local when a user is on premises.

MobileEther supports iOS 4.0 through to 7.0, Android 4.0 and above, Windows 7 mobile, with RIM Blackberry support due to release in the third quarter of 2014. In addition, the web security feature can be extended to non 'i' devices, including Windows OS 98 - Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.0 through to 10.9. Documentation support was good and included video tutorials, user manuals and an array of other task-related instructions. For our review, the SaaS model was used. Enrollment and configuration was easy. The dashboard and options lists were easy to navigate with a mix of graphics and text selections. While MobileEther has an excellent array of features, a few deserve special notice, including integrated video for performing tasks, very fast reporting, robust logging and reviewing, fast device enrollment, and real-time dashboard, threat and event alerting triggering for activities such as using the Geo Locator to aid in the proximity or location warning if a user hops out of an authorised location.

In addition to the features of iboss' MobileEther, it is necessary to mention the capabilities such as its ease of registration and enrollment of devices, the use of groups and delegation tools, the simple set of policies, app management, web security, user provisioning, and other functionality.

Basic assistance includes 4:00-16:00 PST phone and unlimited online support in the US, which includes an online knowledge base, universities, and level 1 iboss ISCP certification included at no cost. Premium includes 24/7/365 phone support. The cost of premium is 10 percent of the subscription cost with a £1,187 minimum. There is a £3,000 ceiling and a £600 minimum for 24/7 support. Additionally, iboss provides a web support feature, a knowledge base and a FAQ list.

This product is also considered very good value for money.

Prices are US-based, thus indicative only.