MobileIron has added mobile-based data loss prevention (DLP) attachments and the ability to deploy its technology to 100,000 devices on a single system.

Launching version five of its technology, it said that its Docs@Work technology which it launched in June, is now able to prevent corporate email attachments from being uploaded to consumer services such as Dropbox and prevent unauthorised distribution of documents.

This also extends to controlling of cutting, copying and pasting actions as well as offering selective wiping of documents. Also on iOS devices, the technology can protect email attachments.

Improvements to its scalability also allow its App Delivery Network to deliver gigabyte-sized apps without latency, manage hundreds of certificates and configure hundreds of devices at the same time.

Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at MobileIron, said: “Our customers are going big with mobile, but they worry about corporate documents ending up in the cloud. MobileIron Docs@Work gives our customers the mobile DLP controls they need without sacrificing the native Apple email experience their end users know and love.”