G Data has announced the launch of its MobileSecurity product for Android smart phones and tablets.

Featuring on-demand checking, on-installation checking of apps and blacklisting for apps, the company said that with G Data MobileSecurity, users can protect their identity as well as personal and confidential content such as messages, emails and photos against viruses, malware and other spyware.

Also, an authorisation check enables users to monitor their installed apps and know precisely which can make calls, send text messages or access the internet.

Eddy Willems, security evangelist at G Data, said: “Malware writers are entrepreneurs: always looking for the best return on investment. According to analysts, Gartner and IDC, Android seems to be the market leader in mobile operating systems, so it is logical that cyber criminals will target the platform.

“Android malware can be easily spread through apps, which is another reason the platform is targeted. Not only did the beginning of 2011 see the emergence of this trend, but it also saw Android take the lead as the most targeted mobile operating systems in terms of malware. So it is the perfect time to introduce a solution for the protection of Android devices, as we expect a large increase in this area.”

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