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Eir we go again: Irish ISP router flaw allows total takeover

An open port linked to remote management software on Eir's D1000 modem router can allow an attacker to take over consumers' networks.

600,000 cable routers found to have a backdoor within a backdoor

Brazilian researcher discovers double security threat in Arris cable modems which allows an attacker to rewrite the firmware without the owner's knowledge.

Researchers find remote code execution vulnerabilities in Huawei 4G modems

The modem flaw could have enabled hackers to take over PCs and launch DoS attacks

Belkin software update downs modems - even if you didn't ask for an update

Automated modem updates crash systems

Turn off WPS on routers for WiFi security

A Swiss researcher is advocating turning off WPS to secure routers after finding a flaw that eliminates the randomness of codes generated by some routers when WPS is switched on...