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Strengths: Support for a wide variety of protocols and standards. Enterprise class administration features

Weaknesses: Nothing that we could see

Verdict: A flexible web-based product that allows tight control over end-to-end file transfer security. Our Best Buy

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MOVEit DMZ Enterprise is a managed file transfer server that helps secure data in motion by encrypting various transfer protocols using industry standards.

The server software is typically installed on a Windows server (2003 or 2008) located in the network DMZ to ensure proper security of egress and ingress file transfers. The software uses Microsoft SQL or MySQL as its database backend and is also available as a VMware instance supporting ESX and Hyper-V.

Setting up the product was very easy and straightforward. The installation program comes with a few useful tools to help you harden the DMZ server host because of the recommended architecture of how it should be deployed. Getting the initial administrative duties out of way was also simple.

During configuration it is apparent that the product itself operates much like a web server. You can set up and manage multiple organisations and, since they are all compartmentalised, you can have distinct rules and settings for each one. Ultimately, MOVEit DMZ allows you to enforce how file transfers are handled and encrypts both the transmission and storage of the files to, from and on the server itself.

There are plenty of protocol support options available for FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH, EDIINT and FIPS 140-2 support. There are also built-in browser-based APIs to allow for bulk file transfer via web browsers and even a module to allow for ad hoc transfers via an email attachment using Microsoft Outlook.

There is an impressive range of communications options and the ability to secure the sessions as needed. File compression, integrity checking and encryption options are also configurable.

From an administration perspective there are many enterprise class features available that we were impressed with. You can limit remote administration and incoming connections to particular network segments, as well as a full range of auditing and reporting for the solution. Almost any enterprise administration option that we could think of was available, including load balancing and web farms.

Ipswitch offers 8/5 phone and email support, which is included in the cost of the first year licensing. Additional maintenance renewals are available at 20 per cent of the cost. Documentation is excellent.

MOVEit DMZ Enterprise is good value for money, making it the Best Buy this month.

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