Mozilla fixes crash issue in new version of Firefox
Mozilla fixes crash issue in new version of Firefox

Mozilla has been compelled to issue an update for the new version of Firefox after a bug caused version 9 of the browser to crash.

It issued version 9.0.1 on Wednesday to remove a faulty patch originally included in version 9 that caused Windows, Mac and Linux users' browsers to crash. Mozilla said it released the fix immediately to ensure that most users will need only a single update directly to Firefox 9.0.1.

Alex Keybl, engineering project manager at Mozilla, wrote on the Bugzilla blog on Wednesday that although Windows users were "mostly unaffected" by the issue, a "small" number (actually in the low millions) of Windows users had already updated to Firefox 9 by Wednesday.

Version 9 of the browser patched six security vulnerabilities, four of which were designated as ‘critical' in severity. Of the remaining issues, one was rated as ‘high' and another as ‘moderate'.

Firefox 9 also came with several other changes, including improvements to JavaScript performance thanks to the addition of Type Interface, which boosts the speed of JavaScript-heavy websites. The update also includes enhancements for Mac OS X Lion, including two-finger swipe navigation.

However, it did not come with a silent update mechanism, used to automatically upgrade users to the latest version of the browser, recently introduced by Microsoft for future editions of Internet Explorer. The feature is currently scheduled for release in version 12 of Firefox in April 2012.