Multi-Factor News, Articles and Updates

Multi-factor authentication — it's not as good as you think

François Amigorena argues that multi-factor authentication impedes end users and slows them down in their jobs, and goes into detail about how context-aware security works in the background to secure users

New PCI DSS version concentrates on multi-factor authentication and encryption

New PCI regulation will include a heavy focus on multi-factor authentic, people, processes and encryption

The future of password managers

Despite the LastPass security breach, password managers are still the most realistic method for ensuring we all use strong passwords, says Bill Carey.

Why multi-factor authentication is a security best practice

Torben Andersen describes the top eight reasons why multi-factor authentication is a security best practice that CEOs need to ensure is implemented.


There are better paths to authentication than passwords, primarily using multifactor and biometric tools, says Peter Stephenson.

ID verification simplifies cloud access

Philip Turner, the newly appointed GM for European Operations at US-based identity management specialists Okta, told SC Magazine that opening of its central London office is spearheading international expansion, with the company expected to open offices in the main European centres over the coming year.