Napera has integrated additional security functions into the Napera N24 network access control solution.


The changes will allow operators to control access to the network for all office staff, remote users and guests and remove the need to deploy multiple security appliances. The new version includes a built-in firewall, DHCP server and remote access VPN, as well as further enhancements to Napera's cloud management service.


Napera CEO and founder Todd Hooper, said: “We are always listening to customer needs, and heard that companies want greater integration and a common user and management experience for onsite and remote network access control.


“This latest release makes it easier and more affordable for SMEs to manage network access and improve their overall security, while eliminating the need for and overhead of a separate firewall, DHCP Server and VPN product.”


Improvements also include an extension of Napera's wired and wireless network access control to cover remote users with VPN tunnelling and endpoint health checks via Microsoft network access protection, and a built-in, stateful internet firewall and DHCP server for integrated edge security.


Meanwhile, enhanced ‘in the cloud' management will allow multiple administrator log-on to allow IT teams to share management responsibility and easily track configuration changes. A configuration snapshot capability provides automatic online backup and recovery of appliance configurations.