Natalya Kaspersky, the CEO of InfoWatch and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, believes that DLP is not enough on its own and business needs a wider view of what is happening.

“We used to talk simply about DLP but we need much more than that now. We need to see what employees are actually doing. It's less about leakage prevention and more about internal protection,” she said.

Kaspersky said that while InfoWatch will continue with pure play solutions it will offer much more in its product offering.

“We have a forensics stage in our solution where all information [and data] leaving the building is recorded. We can see what percentage of messages are not work-related, was anyone excessively sending out messages and are they appropriate to the job?”

Kaspersky revealed that the adoption of DLP depends on the territories and markets.

“The demand is greater in markets like Spain which is passing tough new compliance laws but Germany and France are seeing lower growth as employees are protected against monitoring in national law,” she said.

According to Kaspersky the UK market is one of the most advanced in Europe. New disclosure laws in Russia have meant DLP is now much more in demand. Kaspersky said that actual levels of data loss are difficult to measure because businesses do not reveal unless forced to.

The CEO also revealed that InfoWatch DLP tools could be deployed in customer marketing and accounting departments and that Kaspersky Lab products may incorporate InfoWatch technology.