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Public private partnership results in arrests of two suspected malware creators

The malware services website has been taken down thanks to a joint effort between the National Crime Agency and Trend Micro.

Exclusive: NCA losing cyber-crime officers to Met's Falcon

The much-vaunted National Crime Agency, often described as 'Britain's FBI', has lost several officers to the Met Police's Falcon Squad, as 'bored' investigators look to go more hands-on with cyber-crime cases.

UK's NCA leads Europol take-down on Ramnit botnet

The National Crime Agency has led its latest major malware take-down, clubbing together with Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), private sector and CERT-EU to disrupt the widely-spread Ramnit botnet

London police boosts cyber-crime fighting and CNI threat tackled

In a double boost for the UK's cyber security, London's Met Police has launched a new cyber-crime and fraud team called Falcon, while the Government has pumped £2.5 million into protecting the critical national infrastructure from cyber-attacks, with security firm Thales playing a role.