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Nato wins largest cyber-defence exercise; Portugal, Australia join CCDCOE

The NATO team won the CCDCOE's largest live fire cyber-defence exercise Locked Shields; Portugal and Australia join grouping as new members, strengthening and expanding reach.

NATO CCDCOE coordinates NATO Cyber Education and Training

As of January 2018 NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) became responsible for identifying and coordinating cyber-defence operations education and training for all NATO bodies across the Alliance.

NATO drawing up cyber counterattack contingency plans

Several NATO members are contemplating a change in the alliance's doctrine regarding how it might react to future cyber-attacks, possibly enabling a more robust response.

Russians hacked smartphones of 4,000 NATO troops

NATO troops' smartphones are under attack by Russian hackers bent on obtaining information on and exploiting soldiers as well as getting a handle on NATO military capabilities.

SMEs encouraged to bid in €3bn Nato tech refresh, €71m for cyber

Workshops to help SMEs bid for the 40 contracts in Nato's €3 billion tech refresh during this month's NITECT17 conference, with €71 million earmarked for cyber-security services contracts.

Canada and Nato attempt to define threshold for cyber-attack response

Amidst a Russian war of intelligence and influence, the Canadian military considers what defines a cyber-attack under the Nato agreement and when it should call in help of other countries.

Cooperative development speeds Nato cyber-intelligence-sharing

NATO and partner countries are sharing R&D in the development of cyber-security tools to achieve economies of scale, including the CIICS (Cyber Information and Incident Coordination System).

NATO CNI accepting entries to its Defence Innovation Challenge

Submissions are now being accepted for the second annual Defence Innovation Challenge by the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency.

NIAS 2016: Sharing knowledge benefits all

Industrial partnerships were at the centre of the second day of NATO'S cyber-security symposium, NIAS, and many declared that alliances between organisations like NATO and the private industry really are the way forward in the fight against cyber-crime

NIAS 2016 - responding to the Warsaw declaration

An extra €70 million is to be spent in the five years from 2017 on a major refresh of cyber-capabilities.

NATO to spend €70 million on 'cyber-refresh'

The NATO Information Assurance and Cyber Defence Symposium (NIAS) in Mons is expected to outline the alliance's vision and plans to boost capabilities including cyber-security expenditure priorities.

Black Hat Las Vegas: NATO cyber ambassador reflects on cyberwar ethics

NATO's recent proclamation that cyberspace is an official domain of warfare, along with Russia's reported cyberaggressions against the U.S. and Ukraine, raises interesting questions about how one can responsibly manage cyberwarfare.

NATO CCDCOE considers cyber-warfare cooperation

NATO CCDCOE urged to promote cooperation in training of cyber-defence experts as the cyber realm declared a theatre of war.

Europol plans more malware 'takedowns'

Europol agency EC3 is partnering with Zeus and CryptoLocker threat specialist AnubisNetworks, as it bids to make take-downs more successful.

NATO and UK defence groups hit by Russian cyber-attack

NATO, UK defence attachés and even visitors to Counter Terror Expo and Farnborough Airshow were targeted by 'APT28' Russian state-backed spy group, says FireEye.

NATO members to get cyber war protection

Nato cyber defence policy to declare that a cyber attack on any one member country is an attack on them all.

Crimea battle continues: Ukrainian hackers DDoS NATO websites

A group of pro-Russian, Ukrainian activists have claimed responsibility for carrying out DDoS attacks on various NATO websites.

Finland to join Cyber Defence Centre

Finland's Defence Minister Carl Haglund has confirmed that Finland aims to become a Contributing Partner to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallin, capital of neighbour Estonia, with Finnish experts due to be working there from next year.