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Dutch Police & NCA lead takedown of world's largest DDoS marketplace

Operation Power Off, led by the Dutch Police and the UK's National Crime Agency, supported by Europol and a dozen other law enforcement agencies led to arrests of the administrators of DDoS marketplace

Email compromise to exceed £6.4 bn in 2018 as attacks increase say NCSC/NCA

News Feature: The cyber threat to UK business 2017-2018 report jointly launched this week by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency(NCA) highlights the extent of the threats faced by the UK.

Report: Cyber-threat to UK business is "significant and growing"

Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the NCSC said cyber-attacks will continue to evolve, which is why the UK public and private sectors must work together "at pace" to reduce the cyber-threat.

Dridex wielding duo sent down by NCA

A pair of Moldovan nationals have been given a combined sentence of over a decade for laundering the ill-gotten gains of the Dridex trojan

[Updated] 'Lacklustre' NCA cyber-crime report adds nothing new, critics say

The NCA has issued a report in cooperation with industry partners, in which they admit they are falling behind the cyber-criminals but the report has been criticised for containing little information that is new or useful.

Report identifies path from online gaming to cyber-criminality

Online gaming can become a gateway into cyber-criminality for vulnerable young people, according to a report from CREST and the NCA which recommends strategies for diverting gamers into more socially useful activities.

Activist Lauri Love dodges encryption key issue for now

Lauri Love, the British/Finnish activist, was granted a small victory today at Westminster Magistrates Court when the judge ruled he didn't have to reveal the passwords to encrypted files as part of his request for return of data storage devices.

NCA seeks encryption keys from UK hacking suspect Lauri Love

Alleged cyber-hacker Lauri Love, 31, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Tuesday in attempts to fight extradition to America for supposed attacks against the US Army, Federal Reserve Bank and the FBI in 2012 and 2013.

NCA leads international cyber-crime exercise with FBI and Europol

Silver Shadow draws together authorities from eight countries to test response by US and European law enforcement to a large scale cyber-attack.

Cyber-crime overtakes physical crime in the UK

New statistics being released today by the ONS are expected to confirm that cyber-crime has become the largest recorded offence in the UK

EC3 in cooperative action to target Dridex banking malware

EC3, NCA, FBI and a range of other bodies have targeted the Dridex banking malware, including using a sinkhole operation to sever communications between infected botnets and their controlling cyber-criminals.

Exclusive: NCA losing cyber-crime officers to Met's Falcon

The much-vaunted National Crime Agency, often described as 'Britain's FBI', has lost several officers to the Met Police's Falcon Squad, as 'bored' investigators look to go more hands-on with cyber-crime cases.

NCCU head: Up-skilling officers on cyber-crime our biggest challenge

Dr Jamie Saunders, director of the National Crime Agency's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), says that UK police is making strides in bringing cyber-criminals to justice, but admits more can be done to up-skill officers, improve reporting mechanisms and to help local forces.

UK minister: Cyber-security a 'priority' for government, but no ban on encryption

UK minister Ed Vaizey has dismissed media reports that the Conservative government plans to ban encryption, whilst also promising that cyber-security remains a 'priority' in Whitehall.

UK cyber-crime exceeds £16 billion losses, with mobile malware a major threat

Cyber-crime and cyber-enabled crimes figure highly in the latest annual National Strategic Assessment (NSA), an analysis by the National Crime Agency of serious and organised crime threats affecting the UK.

Law enforcement agencies: We need to talk about encryption

Law enforcement agencies continue their fight against encryption, and are seeking new ways to work with private companies in order to catch criminals and terrorists.

FBI, Europol and NCA want global approach to fight cyber-crime

Law enforcement giants FBI, Europol and the National Crime Agency called for an international approach to fighting cyber-crime at a conference in London today, whilst also admitting the difficulties around encryption and attribution.

UK NCA praised after arresting 57 suspected hackers

The National Crime Agency (NCA) this week arrested 57 suspected hackers in a widespread UK operation involving the Met Police and regional crime squads.

NCA wants security pros to become cybercrime fighters

The UK's National Crime Agency is on the hunt for cyber security professionals to "join the fight against some of the world's most significant cyber criminals" on salaries ranging from £24,000 to £52,000.

Met Police and NCA: UK businesses are not helping fight cyber-crime

Two of the UK's top cyber crime-fighters have accused financial institutions and other companies of failing to share information about cyber-attacks because of 'mutual suspicion' between police and the private sector.

NCA wants more powers to snoop on Brits

The backlash against international cyber-crime strengthened this week with the head of the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) calling for more powers to 'snoop' on British citizens.

London police boosts cyber-crime fighting and CNI threat tackled

In a double boost for the UK's cyber security, London's Met Police has launched a new cyber-crime and fraud team called Falcon, while the Government has pumped £2.5 million into protecting the critical national infrastructure from cyber-attacks, with security firm Thales playing a role.

NCA/FBI/Europol launch global cyber crime-busters, J-CAT

The UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) has joined forces with the FBI and Europol to launch a new global crime fighting team, led by the NCA's Andy Archibald.

Security naivety forces NCA to debut online awareness campaign

The UK's National Crime Agency has formed a new partnership with the government's Cyber Streetwise campaign after new figures from the Office of National Statistics revealed that there were 10,731 adult victims of cyber-crime last year.

Brit Lauri Love faces more US hacking charges

Lauri Love, a 29-year-old British man from Stradishall in Suffolk, has been charged by a US court with hacking into multiple US government computers and stealing more than 100,000 employee and financial records.