NCC Group tracks fugitives in new Channel 4 show Hunted

News by SC Staff

Cyber-security experts from NCC Group will be hunting "fugitives" in a new Channel 4 series, Hunted, which explores themes of privacy and online security.

In Hunted, a group of volunteers try to evade a specialist team of “hunters”. Hunted blends documentary techniques with an entertainment format to explore the reach of the state's surveillance powers by challenging ordinary people to see if they can outwit and outrun a team of expert professional hunters including NCC Group's team of cyber security experts.

Paul Vlissidis, technical director at NCC Group, said it was fascinating to see the lengths that the fugitives went to when trying to go off grid: “People don't realise how much of their personal information is out there for the whole world to see. Disappearing is not as easy as you would think, especially when most people tend to reveal some of their innermost secrets on social media for the whole world to see.”

The first episode of the series will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 9pm on 10 September.

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