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NCP Secure Enterprise Client v9.2


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Strengths: Support for most gateways, AD sync integration to one step removal of users

Weaknesses: Reporting, ease of use, pricey

Verdict: Feature-rich endpoint product. A lot of work to deploy IPsec alone but worth the effort if you consider the firewall, NAC, SSL VPN and PKI capabilities

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NCP Secure Enterprise Client is a one-click VPN software suite that combines seven separate endpoint security functions. It is software-based, is interoperable with any 32/64-bit Windows operating system (7, Vista, XP) and will connect to any gateway technology.

The bundled client includes a device firewall, dialler and automatic connection negotiator to avoid dropped connections when roaming hotspots.

NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server is the central dial-up platform for a company with external terminals and systems. It is the tunnel endpoint for all mobile and stationary teleworkers, as well as remote VPN gateways.

Our test scenario consisted of the vendor-provided hosted gateway and the enterprise client installed on our test systems. The solution includes a software gateway offering that installs on either a Linux or Windows server. Typical deployments were stated as two to four days.

The IPsec clients are supported on Windows, Mac and various mobile device operating systems. VPN supports IPsec tunnelling and NAT Traversal and there is encryption support for AES (128, 192, 256-bit), 3DES and Blowfish (128, 448-bit) and SHA and MD5 supported hash algorithms. The clients will manage VPN connectivity through dial-up, wireless or wired connections.

The server mapped to AD and LDAP for directory integration. We liked the feature that allows for single point of user management via AD sync. Adding or removing users in AD automatically adds or removes the user from the VPN configuration. Two-factor authentication is also supported.

Policy is set on the server and pushed down to the client for endpoint enforcement. The servers can be deployed in high availability, fail safe or load balancing configurations supporting enterprise environments.

Basic support is listed as tier-one support via phone and email. There are no options for upgraded support available and we did not see much in the way of reporting. Logging was accomplished through an external syslog server.

NCP Secure Enterprise Client is feature-rich but difficult to deploy.