Nebulas launches virtual desktop device

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Nebulas Solutions has launched the Pano Virtual Desktop device.

Nebulas Solutions has launched the Pano Virtual Desktop device.


According to Nebulas Solutions, Pano is a zero client unit that is designed specifically to replace traditional PCs with a cost-effective, green and highly secure virtual desktop.


It has no memory, operating system, drivers or moving parts, but connects a keyboard, mouse, display, audio and USB peripherals over an existing IP network to a virtualised server.


According to Nebulas Solutions, the 12-cubic-inch Pano brings tangible benefits to companies looking for a cost-effective alternative to the traditional PC. By moving software from the desktop to the server, Nebulas Solutions estimates that the total cost of ownership could be up to 70 per cent less than a traditional PC over three years.


It also consumes only three per cent of the power needed by a desktop computer, and relies entirely on a virtualised server infrastructure.


As it has no embedded software, IT departments can create directory-level policy on who can access which applications and data, install new applications and can download data onto removable media. Additionally, if the Pano cube is stolen, the security risk to the wider organisation is minimal, because the device holds no local data, applications or files.


Nick Garlick, managing director at Nebulas Solutions, said: “As well as being a revolutionary product, the Pano has the ‘wow' factor that makes everyone want one when they see it. Initially, customers may be attracted to its appearance, but as they learn more and appreciate the technology, we are confident that it will have even greater appeal.”


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