Nebulas Security has launched a data loss prevention (DLP) assessment tool to help companies fully understand and address the risks they face from losing their corporate data.

The assessment qualifies and quantifies the risks to organisations' data and highlights the impact losing or leaking data would have on the business. In addition to looking at data at rest, it shows the risks presented by data in motion, such as email, Instant Messaging, web traffic and FTP file transfers.

The assessment works by a monitoring device being installed on an organisation's network, which unobtrusively gathers data without any impact on its performance. Following careful analysis of the findings, Nebulas Security produces a detailed report summarising the risks which organisations face.

Nick Garlick, Nebulas Security's managing director, said: “Most organisations have now deployed considerable amounts of security technology to protect themselves from external and internal threats. As a result, the challenge is now to understand the effectiveness of the technology that they've installed.

“This assessment shows customers exactly where they're vulnerable, the risks they face, the impact data leaks and losses would have on their business.”