Nebulas Solutions Group is to launch the first UK demonstration of automatic provisioning for virtual servers.


By integrating F5 and virtual technologies, Nebulas will demonstrate virtual servers which start up and power down to meet specific needs and demands. It will also show how a virtual infrastructure can automatically handle peaks and troughs in demand and how processing power is added at critical/busy periods and reduced when demand lessens without the need for external intervention.


Nick Garlick, managing director at Nebulas Solutions, said: “We're operating in very difficult times and customers are very keen to get more from their IT infrastructure than ever before. Virtual machines already offer cost savings, but by adding this level of automatic provisioning, systems can become far more responsive to the demands of the business.”


Owen Cole, F5's technical director for UK & Ireland, said: “Combining F5 solutions with virtual technology shows how seamless, dynamic demand can be managed effectively.


“As well as cost savings, the ability to automatically control a virtualised infrastructure brings tremendous flexibility, whilst freeing IT resource to focus on competitive innovation. We'll be working closely with Nebulas Solutions to help customers as they implement this technology”.