Nebulas Security is to offer UK businesses a free web application security risk assessment.


Following the recent online security breach, the company claims that this assessment emphasises the importance of pre-emptive security action for large organisations.


This offer is available until 31st March 2009 and will assess visibility into businesses' web applications, check for any application defects and leakage occurring at the web application level and assess the potential impacts and identify potential security issues in terms of application/configuration defects and vulnerability to common security exploits.


It will also identify malicious behaviour and its impact happening in the live environment, discover any sources of application irregularities and application failures that impact the end user experience and present summary reports covering security and application events, credit card audit and PCI compliance. 


Nick Garlick, managing director of Nebulas Security, said: “We are confident that enterprises taking up this offer will be convinced that effective web security technology is available – all that's required is a willingness to undertake the due diligence alongside closely monitored and enforced security policies. Security breaches are not inevitable, they are entirely preventable.”