Netflix FIDO security system now open source

News by Ava Fedorov

Online video streaming company, Netflix, announced this week on its tech blog the open source release of its security system, FIDO. The system—named for ‘Fully Integrated Defense Operation'—is designed to automatically analyse security events and respond to security incidents.

Due to the growing demand for robust security, as attacks increase and diversify, coupled with limited manpower, Netflix says it created this “orchestration layer” of security automation to better navigate the threat landscape. Prior to this security advancement, the company manually dealt with security alerts, via a ticketing systems that could take “over a week” to resolve. By simply automating the alert-to-ticket process, Netflix writes, the resolution time was cut down to “a few hours.”

FIDO has been in use at Netflix for over four years, and along with the open source release, the company has announced a number of new features and improvements planned for the security system, including an administrative UI and planned PAN, OpenDNS, and SentinelOne integrations. And, now that FIDO is publicly available, Netflix has also stated on the company blog, that is open to improvement submissions and suggestions.


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